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Basic Manners Course

With six private sessions in your home you will learn the basics of teaching your dog. You can choose from basic skills such as: watch me, touch, sit, down, come when called, leave it, wait, loose leash walking, go to mat, stay, drop it, and stand.


Whew. That's a lot. 


Will you & your dog be perfect after only six weeks? Well, maybe Practically Perfect; this all takes time and practice. But you will have a solid foundation from which to begin using and refining the Basic Manners in your day-to-day life. 

The first session is a 90 minute consultation. We get to know each other, have a brief introduction to positive training, and learn the first skill or two. The remaining five sessions are each 60 minutes long.



The Basic Manners Course (6 Sessions) : $569 


The Basic Manners course requires a $80 non-refundable deposit to schedule the first session. If after the first session you decide to continue you pay the remaining $489. All sessions must be scheduled within 5 months.  

Basic Manners
Dog Mark - w Box - Blue on Yellow.png


PPD can help with some common problems even a Practically Perfect Dog might have. Issues we can help with include pulling on the leash, jumping, excessive barking, house training, chewing, and mild/moderate over-reactivity while on leash (barking/lunging at other dogs, bicycles, trucks etc ...).

We start with a 90 minute consultation in your home so everyone involved can meet. During the consultation we recommend a path forward. Every situation is different, but most issues require multiple training sessions to adequately address. Training sessions are 60 minutes. 

Initial Consultation (90 Minutes): $149
60 Minute Training Sessions: $119

Package of Five Training Sessions: $520 (a $75 savings)

An Initial Consultation is required before scheduling 60 minute training sessions. Packaged Sessions must be scheduled within 5 months.

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