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Practically Perfect Dogs

Steven Cogswell

VSA-CDT (In-Person with Distinction) 

FDM, Certified SA Pro Trainer™

Positive Dog Training in Denver

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About Me

About PPD

The human is Steven. He is the owner/trainer of Practically Perfect Dogs. He graduated with distinction from the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior. The dog is Griffin, one of the hundreds of dogs Steven has worked with as a volunteer trainer for the behavior department at the Dumb Friends League.  

Steven's (and Griffin's) basic philosophy is: dogs do dog things. Sometimes this works well in the human world, sometimes not so much. Practically Perfect Dogs can show you how to encourage your dog to do all ... well practically all ... of the things they love in ways that also work for you.

PPD is a positive training, force-free business. Teaching dogs what to do, in ways they love and understand is the fastest, most effective, and most humane way to help them thrive in this strange world of humans. 

Dog trainer teaching a black labrador dog to sit
My Services

PPD Services

Behavior training with Practically Perfect Dogs happens in your home.​ PPD's home base is near Morse Park in Lakewood, Colorado. If you live within a 20 minute drive or so, we'll come to you and teach you and your dog new skills in the comfort of your home. Then we will take those skills out into the world ... your world.

Separation anxiety training is all done virtually. As long as our time-zones mesh, you can be anywhere with a webcam (or two) and an internet connection. 

Black and white dog sitting on stairs


Salad Forks on the Outside

"The Basic Manners Course" provides a solid foundation of common skills any dog will find useful. 

Brown and white dog in a pet store


I Ate the Salad Fork

PPD can develop an individualized training plan to address common problems.


Separation Anxiety

Being Alone is Scary

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer™, PPD can help.

Contact Me


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Tel: 720-580-4095 (text is best!)

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